Corporate Report

Task 1: What kinds of forms of corporate videos are there?

A Corporate Video is a video, which is intended for target/limited audience and for a specific purpose. Its puts the company in good light saying who they are & what they do etc.

There are many different forms of Corporate Video such as Promo Videos. The purpose of a promo is to advertise a business, product, event etc. Usually shown to a wide audience & demographic compared to a Corporate video. The difference between these two types of videos and other videos are Corporate & Promotional videos are both to promote a business. Here is an example of a Promotional video which ticks the boxes to be a promo video such us stating who they are, what does there business do, where there located and online info whilst also being appealing & interesting:

Another form of corporate videos are Training videos. This can cover a wide range of subjects such as Technology, Health & Safety, Fire procedures etc. This form has targeted audiences these depend on whose business it is and what subject they are covering. These are preferred by business to teach employees what not and too do instead of reading paper work etc., here is an example of Training Video that has to be very simple and visually appealing, weather this succeeds is debatable:

A final form of a corporate video is Video Testimonial. This is very personal video in which either a satisfied customer for example confirming the quality and performance of a business this puts the company in a good lights whilst making it very personal. Here is an example of a Testimonial video:

What Codes & Conventions are used in corporate videos?

There are many different factors which make a Corporate video come together, here are examples of what codes and conventions are necessary for a Corporate Video, first of let’s take a look at Common Practice. There are three types of Common Practice which are used for not just corporate videos:

Pre-Production – This is the first stages of video coming up with the ideas then developing that for productions such as shot lists, storyboards, equipment-list, proposal, call sheets, script etc.

Production – Filming stage where all the pre productions comes into use

Post production – This is the editing stage where making everything look professional by adding titles, transition, cleaning up audio, choosing the best possible shots, the key information from interviews etc. You will have to go back and edit stuff until the client is happy with the result this can be either major or minor things.

– Here are examples of the code and conventions with are key for making a successful corporate video:

Interviews – This is a good way of getting across the view of the customer or the person representing the business etc. This can put a face to the name or hearing from the people who consume the product and there feedback. If it doesn’t put the business in a good light then it should be used as your trying to but what business you’re showing in the best way possible.

Music/Sound – Getting the right music is key, you don’t want to be using dubstep, for example. Its quite tricky to get the right music as you need to get something which helps the pace of the video but also something which won’t distract the viewer from what people are saying.

Camera Shots/ Angles – In a corporate video you need to show what your representing in a good light so different shots and angels can be vital for showing a business for example in a good light by using various different shots like long and short shots and different angels such as profile shots are key to making it looks interesting and entertaining.

Lighting – Lighting can really change the mood varying on the lighting. Its best to have the best lighting possible to make it look vibrant etc. If you are filming in not light its best to bring lighting with you the make the shot look more interesting.

Editing – This can be the make or break of a corporate video. Depending on the pacing you can effect on how people feel about the video. Depending on what your trying to get across mostly slow pace videos are used so the audience can get the key information need however on the overhand you can make the edit fast paced so you can get make the audience more engaged and interested.

What kind of Techniques and Equipment are used?

There are various Techniques and Equipment used to make a corporate video to look as professional as possible. First of all you need a Camera. The best camera to use are the 600/ 700D’s to get the best possible quality as you don’t want your footage to be grainy. You will also need to use a Tripod, you need a big sturdy one to get the best possible panning shots etc. Never try to film without a Tripod as you will get wobble shots which will not look professional. The cameras will not have the best of sound so to achieve that you will Sound Equipment, A Marantz is useful to record the sound on, you as well need a mic to produce the sound, a boom microphone will retrieve the best sound quality as you don’t want the sound to be echoy and here background noise well. After you have recorded the footage and sound you need to import the footage into a Computer. To be organized create a separate folder so all the raw footage is in one place, it is also best to back up the footage on a hard drive so if you lose the raw footage you will have back up footage to fall back on. For post-production you need editing software. There are various programs you can use such as Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro and Sony Vegas etc. In this process you can keep the best footage, sync up the audio with footage, make the pacing fast or slow etc. Once you are happy with the result you can Export it and have a finished product. Never delete any of the raw footage or saved edit as your client may want countless re-edits so make sure not to delete anything until you’re sure you have a final finished product. This current practice will make sure you have all the equipment you need and use the best possible techniques to produce a corporate/ promo video.

How they are made?

The foundation of a corporate video is meeting the client, its best to do research before you go about the company so you don’t go ahead meeting the client about knowing what their business about. Meeting and discussing with the client is called Client liaison. The client will may have some idea what they want, they might not so that’s where you come in to give suggestions with what you can do. After coming away from the client liaison its then time for you to start planning with idea developments. This is the first recorded of what ideas you can use, this can be shown through various means such as diagrams, word documents, Brian storms etc. Once you have a finalized idea its then time to create a Treatment, this were you sum up your idea into written form with how you’re going to do it such as locations, camera angles and shots etc. This should be a side of A4 it should be very simplistic using bullet points etc. This will be shown to the client and if they give the thumbs up then you precede onto a proposal. This goes into more detail information about who’s going to be in it, the rights for using the Locations, who’s it targeted at etc. Before going into production to show you know what you’re going to be shooting you need to create a storyboard to finalize a visual diagram of what shots you will be using. You need to write a Script which will be what people are saying, for a corporate video it best to put what question you will be asking & Shooting Script which will be another written document which describes all shots you are shooting, who you are inverting etc. After this you need to organise a schedule, this is based on what day’s people and locations are free and you must create a schedule around these factors. Before you go into production you need to come with a Health and Safety list listing all the possible hazards and how to overcome them or prevent them. After all of this is complete you can head into production

Task 2 – What kinds of Legal issues need to be considered when making corporate films?

There a various Legal Issues that need to considered throughout all stages of production, three examples of this are:

Privacy – You can’t use people if you don’t have their permission through signing in a legal document giving them permission to use them in the video. If you’re in a public place then you can film but on private company e.g. a business then you must get there permission if not. It’s a very complex document to cover every liability so it’s best to know there rights and when or not you can film with or without their permission.

Copyright – This is a key legal issue many people can get into disputes over this can be from un-necessary us of music or footage etc. to the right of using brands. If using music or footage you need to make sure it is non-copyrighted so you can use and as well with brands you need to have permission to use it if are going to incorporate it into the video. The result of not getting legal permission can result in being sued or jail sentence, yes it’s that serious.

Libel – This is where use a false statement that can damage a person’s reputation, for example, in a corporate video if you publish a false statement without their permission then you can get in serious tribute so it’s best to get your facts right both you and the client before the video is produced.

What kinds of Ethical Issues need to be considered when making a corporate film?

This is a very sensitive subject to cover as you need be cautious when producing a corporate video you don’t represent people in the right video, here are three examples of representations which need to be considered:

Race – This is a good example, racial discrimination & racism has been going on for years and is still being used in today’s society. You can’t not misinterpret a race in a video in any circumstance weather in a corporate video or any film depending on the context but in our corporate video this representation and like the rest of the representations will be looked over thoroughly.

Gender – This is another big miss-representation, which can be taking very badly. Gender should be treated with respect and equally, an example of this would if in the corporate video you say either men or women only work here etc. This is would be unacceptable as each gender should be treated equally and with respect and in our corporate video we will be cautious about race & gender etc.

Religion – Again this is another issue which should be carefully considered, like the other two examples this can be taken very badly as you can misinterpretatate so it’s best to not include any reference to religion as you can’t get it the facts wrong or be biased etc.

Task 3 & 4 – In this task I will be discussing 3 corporate films and 2 SBA films from previous years listing shots used, what happens, how they made, describing what I see etc. Also an in-depth looking what the video is saying how successful the film island the message etc. Here is what I have chosen:

Tissot corporate film 2014:

This is a watch company who are a massive brand in watch’s, there are various graphics which go well with the product, the videos is focused around an interview of the president of the company who tells us about the history of the company stating that that business was founded in Tissot family in 1883 and now sells over 4 million watches are produced every year! It states the creation and innovation of the watches are a key driving force. This tells us that it’s a very highly successful company whilst still branching out and making millions that same driving force of every individual watch is key. They are various montage shots of people who use this brand of watch. There models and a lot sports such as motorcycling, basketball and hockey to show off their sports brands which possible may have a sponsor-link with the company. They show of the history of their watches and their developments and the different models of watches you can get in very professional, highly detailed cameras, low and high angles to show the best of the watches. This is to show how they can stay with the times, they also state that their close relationship with men and women athletes over the decade, this is a good selling point as to show that the very best sports stars are walking promo material, for example, if a sports fan see’s watch their potential role model is wearing they will invest in that as their potential role model is wearing that brand. They also state they have sports ambassadors are chosen carefully as they know what it means to compete and involve which symbolizes there drive for the business. So there main message are that the sports stars symbolise there products by being robust, persuasion and beauty. The video has over 4,000 views, even though they produce over 4 million watches a year there products are very expensive to the average person so there target audience is for the highly elite which is their main selling point. Its shot superbly as you have shots of people making the watches, consumers buying the products, factory stage, sports stars and models who are ambassadors of their products, the cut a way’s are very relevant to what the president of the company is saying. Even though its 3 minutes long it’s very smoothly paced by not being to slow or too fast, overall a very well made corporate video if very well executed message.

Apple Corporate Video:

This is a very unique video, made for the 30th anniversary of the company this corporate video shot interlay on an iPhone in 15 days shows the various uses of their product globally. The message of this video is to show how far the mac and apple brand has come over 30 years. Not your traditional corporate video shot very cinematically and also shot by one of their products shows how advance their products is. There show loads of different situations there product is used in, for example, festivals, the army, universities, fashion shoots, this list go on for a long time but it does have a global value. The video starts off with a statement that January 24th 2014, 30 years ago on that day they promised to put technology in the hands of the people and through the video they defiantly show that. The font is recognisable the Apple brand. In the video description there are no links or vast writing just one tag line stating ‘This film was shot around the world in one day in 15 countries, entirely on iPhone’. This goes back to the statement they stated at the beginning of the video putting technology in the hands of the people and this gives the message saying they have achieved that and this is what you can do. Obviously all of these things they have picked some of the world’s most beautiful and recognisable destinations & they state in small print at the bottom that additional equipment was used to achieve some of the shots but going back to the point I made about the description it is a very bold move has a viral video you usually gain interest and promote their product to go the other links about their company but this is a very bold move by apple to not include his, this shows they are very confident and now how big their business is. There is now traditional interviews it’s all about the people who consume there products, you in a vast sense. The video has over 18,000 views which as company as big as Apple you would assume would be bigger, maybe this is because of no links in the description or failure to promote the video? Overall this is a very unique cinematic video showing where they company has but whilst also making about the people that consume their products on a vast scale.

Credential Motion Graphics Corporate Video:

Credential used there motion graphics skills to their advantage showing what they can do in this corporate video. Their main message it’s not about doing business but making business. There driving force in this corporate video is that there not just a money making business but they want to associate themselves with other companies and expand. They’re very moral messages for example a quote from there video show this quote ‘People chose us because what you stand for depends on who your standing with’ the voice over is conventional voice artist with professional fill. It’s very visually impacting as a lot of what they say you have question to yourself but the graphics are a visual aid to what they’re saying about the company. Examples of their use of graphics as a visual aid are there roots of the company, showing what they stand for and there mind-set etc. The video has over 67,000 views, over double the views apple had on their YouTube channel! There description says that it’s an explainer video of their company which I think it’s more about what they stand for then what they do. it is completely made from motion graphics which is perfect for their company as it shows of the skills whilst giving an insight about their company. The description shows of their contact details whilst giving a summary of what the video and the companies about. Obviously they work with various business which they use to their advantage by stating they help embower growth which is what every business from small to large business wants to do so they show they are willing to help people to do that, they also show there way of thinking and how they have a professional standard of dealing people. Overall they show the amazing motion graphics skills, there main focus point to excellent use whilst helping to build positive growth which is a good move.

– The next two videos are from SBA which is what are course will be doing this term so I will be looking very carefully at what they do and take on board what they have done good and bad to my advantage:

Plum — Business of the Year up to 10 employees (Somerset Business Awards 2013):

This corporate video for the Somerset business awards does very well with the limited space they have got. Very traditional interview if cutting shots integrated etc. The ‘Plum’ Business is up for Business of the Year with up to 10 employees where only two are shown on screen. The state what their company, what winning the award would mean & where there company’s future is heading in the 30-second time limit. There’s also a ‘hash tag plum to win’ tagline at the end, which could be taken either seriously or as a joke. The women representing the company seems very confident and knows what she’s talking about, There’s a panning shot of there office which isn’t that big but you must make the most of what you have in these SBA Films. Other cut way shots include the two women in the office working, previous awards they have won and branded pens a display of there company’s logo which go nicely with the coloured chairs on either side, there also some nice music which isn’t too noticeable but it fits in well. Overall it’s a good example of what to do within a limited amount of space, they could have had more cutaways but they did well with the amount of space they had & they also gave good examples of al they need to now about the company and the award in the time period.

Hilton Herbs – Somerset Business Awards 2012 – Winner of Best Exporter:

This corporate video is very basic. There are interview segments, there are cutaways but most of them are just pictures which take you out of flow of the corporate video. There are shots of forklift trucks loading and unloading products which is reverent for the award they are up for which is best exporter. The man & women being interviewed do a good Job explaining and saying everything they need to say about their business and the award. There is no background music accompanying the video which would have been a nice touch, also the camera quality isn’t high, very pixelated compared to the 600/700D Camera we will be using. Overall there’s some pretty good cut a way’s, the interview is decent but some of the cut a way’s are pictures which would of worked better as video, there’s some nice panning shots and people exporting but it would have been good to use some music to give in some life and used better cameras.


To conclude I have looked at all the things you need to know to make a high quality & professional corporate video, I have delved into process of making one, what types of corporate and promo videos you can do, I have look at high standard corporate videos made for well know brands and also looked closer to home at the SBA videos looking at what worked and what didn’t and taking this on-board as I go into making are own.



Unit 6: Critical Approaches to Creative Media Products – The Effects of Violence and Sexualisation in the Media

Task 1: Censorship – Censorship in the media is where something which is deemed to gruesome, to offensive etc in mediums of Media depending on what it is if its one line or a scene in Film or TV Show, for example, that line can be removed or if it’s a multiple of these things then the Film or TV Show can be completely banned. There are codes, rules and regulations to go by. Films and TV Shows, for example, will get viewed prior to broadcast to give the all clear but if people send complaints to organizations once Films and TV shows have been released or broadcast then they can be either altered or completely removed/ banned. Censorship exist to protect people being offended or horrified etc in what they hear or see in the media. There are many pros and cons to Censorship, some people believe that it limits peoples freedom of speech, people should have there own choice in what they view and other organizations shouldn’t make that decision, others belief that it is there to protect people from viewing things which are to offend them etc. There are various censorship bodies that do various, which I’m going to go other, a few with you now.

BBFC: Ever wondered who judges and regulates the certificates in Cinemas, DVD Release, this is the BBFC. It’s the UK’s regulator of Film and Video, it supplies various age ratings (e.g U, PG, 12A, 12) which guides parents to see what is suitable for their child and gives people an idea of what the demographic of the film is. There decisions are based on public consultation and guidelines, this forms a link between the public and the film industry. There overall aim is to ensure the protection of children and also filmgoers are protect from material which is unsuitable (e.g harm and illegal material)

Ofcom: The Office of Communication is a government-approved regulator who have authority on broadcasting, telecommunications and postal industries of the UK. There have a vast amount of powers across T.V, Radio, Telecoms and postal sectors. By being government approved they have the duty to represent the interests of consumers, citizens and protecting the public from harmful and offensive material.

ADA: There are many adverts everywhere in many different forms online, posters and T.V. The company ASA is a self-independent and self-regulated company based in the United Kingdom who isn’t funded by the government. Their job is to regulate the content of advertisements on the sales and direct marketing by mentoring and investigating if need be various complaints made about different factors of an advert and its up to them to decide weather it computes with there advertising standard codes, these codes require that all claims to advertisers have evidence for all claims. They state that no marketing communication to the audience should be misleading, in accurate, exaggerated etc. So the ASA they claims very seriously depending on the number of complaints and the quality of evidence like a trial they will gather any evidence they can do bring justice to advertisements that don’t comply to their codes.

Committee of Advertising Practise: The Committee of Advertising Practise (CAP for short) is a sister organisation of the Advertising Standards Authority (ADA.) They are primarily responsible for a constant updating, re-issuing, revising etc of the Direct Marketing, British Code of Advertising & Sales Promotion of the CAP Code. There are also teams within CAP, which are Monitoring, Compliance & Copy Advise teams.

Task 2: Violence Effects, “There is a relationship between violence and on screen and violence in the real world” – So in this Task I shall be going through For and Against this statement and giving my conclusion, I shall be also using various theories I have learnt in class to use for this present argument.

There are few theories that support this statement, the first is theory by a Man called Stuart Hall who came up with the Reception Theory which had three reception models in his theory, the first being dominant where viewers complete take in what they see, negotiated where views partly take in what they want and oppositional where nothing is taken in. Even though this an old theory I think it sums up three stages of how people take on what they see on a T.V. I think this supports the statement to sum extent as yes agrees some people will take in completely what they see, which will bring me onto the next theory soon, but it does comprehend that not everybody take everything away, some people don’t take anything away so this theory supports this statement fifty fifty. Another theory, which will help us to determine the argument, is the Hypodermic needle theory, which is where the theory beliefs that the consumers are empty shells that anything we see will be taken in fully, I disagree with this theory to some extent. I think this theory would work on children as they have fresh minds but depending on the way people are bought up this theory wouldn’t apply to adults, obviously they would have been children before so depending on what they have seen on TV but people do have there own minds and think for themselves, in most cases. The final I shall be using to compare this statement is the user and gratification theory. This theory tries to look at and understand how and why people actively seek out specific media to satisfy specific needs. It assumes that audience members are not passive consumers of media rather that the consumer has the power over the media, which I completely agree on. If a mass amount people decided not to buy or consume a show then it would get cancelled etc, I think people don’t think that have as much power over then we do, they make content etc for the consumer, if we didn’t like it then they would accept and do what they can to change it. Also I think theory would disagree with the statement as the theory believes that we do choose what we want and don’t want and we don’t complete take in everything we see.  So I think these theories support the statement fifty, fifty but these are just theories, what about real life crimes that have been supposable been inspired by violent films?

There have been various films that have supposedly influenced real life crimes inspired by violent films, the most recent being the Colorado shooting in the Screening of the The Dark Knight Rises were an orange-haired man cried “I am the Joker!” before shooting up a movie theatre full of Batman fans, 1993 in Liverpool, the horrific killing of the 2-year-old Jamie Bugler by stoning at the hands of two 10 year old chunky fans stirred the country into a seething rage. Both horrific cases but are the films really to blame, The Batman Massacre should never have been aloud to happen, gun control is a massive debated issue in America which resulted in the issue being addressed after this crime had taken place but are the films really to blame. I think there would have be something mental wrong with someone to have to commit such a horrific crime as that, although the film could have exaggerated his  ambition to do something like this you could say they can use it as an excuse, most cases some massacres are based on films thanks to are justice system you can get off more likely. So I think most crimes committed which are supposedly based of crime I think there either mental insane in the first or just looking for an excuse to commit such horrific crime such as the Colorado batman massacre. In the case of the Jamie Bulger Murder I think again this is down to something being mental wrong in the first place but the main factor being that two ten year old boys watching an eighteen plus movie is wrong, which is down to the parents to at the end of the day to what to let there kids watch and not, there organisations such as the BBFC that gives certificate age ratings which guides parents on what is suitable for there children, it is only a guidance so I do blame the parents and basing on letting them watch this film I belief the children’s up-bring must of been awful. This also brings me back to the point I made about the hypodermic needle theory which I said would be associated with that children are empty shells but also bring me back to the point that there has to mental wrong with you first to commit crimes like these so I do believe the films could trigger something inside the mental unstable but not to everyone as there would be more crimes like these so it isn’t just the films themselves there are many different opposing factors.

So what about films which are just plane out sick, most of them are banned by organisations but most are eventually relesed with many re-edits. Some of them can be reason such as religious and racist views, for example, Lara Crofts Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life was banned in China for its unflattering depictions of Chinese society which was never given permission to screen. One of the most recent banned but eventually released which is just plain right sick. It was temporarily banned for extremely horrific, violent, disturbing and sexually-explicit content, after vast amount of re-edits later a censored DVD version was later released. I think once films are banned I think this gets people wanting to see it more and gets more popularity, the human centipede franchise had one film under its belt prior to this so there were fans of this horror out there which wanted to see the sequel so I think by banning something now a days in the twenty first century is impossible thanks to the internet and other mediums. Coming for circle, after looking at the various different theories and crimes committed giving a fair for and against argument, is there a relationship between violence on screen and violence in the real world? I think film-makers can portray the real world in various different formats but I think the violence aspect is very hard to achieve, I think censorship is key into guiding people into what is suitable but that at the end of the day is up to us on what we watch we can be guided but the decision is up to us, yes the world can be a bad place and I think films can shows us are violent mistakes but weather we take that in a good or bad fashion is up to us as a person. Some people can be affected in different ways then overs, some people who are mentally unfit can us it as a weapon, some can take it away in a positive light but I think the closest to the violence on screen to the real world is the news, I don’t think we should butter coat up the fact that the real world isn’t such a nice place that sometimes is portrayed on screen as so I have to agree with to the statement to some extent (depending on the medium) yes we have censorship to protect us from things we don’t want to see but how can we learn from our mistakes by ignoring the real world?

Task 3: (See Submission drive for group work of sexualisation in music videos analysis)

Task 4: In this task I shall be giving a for and against argument about the sexualisation in music videos. I will be giving a fairly balanced debate for both sides of the argument then at the end giving my overall thoughts and conclusion on the argument.

Although the majority of people see sexualisation in music videos as a bad thing, reason I will cover in the latter part of the report, there are definitive reason of why sexualisation in music videos is a good thing, why should be people not be able to exploit themselves if they wish, should not be restrained or oppressed. I can understand to some extent, yes you can do that but the music video should be age restricted depending on the quantity sexualisation in the music video.  Is sexulisation seen as empowering? In one way I feel that it does give women the feeling of authority and overpowering which no on can deny that right but I think its less perceived as empowering more a less turning them into objects rather then being an authority and more degrading. I think Women can be empowering without sexulisation but in this day and age it takes a lot of effort and imagination to sell a record so through the music video they can promote a track by the power of sexulisation, drawing people into getting into the interest of buying the track. I think some music tracks and videos do have a genuine cause of an emotional message about women equality etc but I think in mainstream music it sees more women as objects then less with an empowering stature. It up the singer/ band member what direction they go in their music career, some women singers are not sexualized, Adele for example, In here first few music videos she didn’t include herself in them as compared to most women in the mainstream audience she seemed conches about her body image. She is an amazing singer but I think she doesn’t fit the ‘perfect’ body type portrayed in music videos, but she not conscious about her weight being an issue which she’s has put instead of the common ‘image over talent’ she has twisted that around, in an interview from the mail online she commented about the perfect image saying I’m not going to obsess over being thinner or having bigger boobs, I don’t want that in my life’. I think this a positive and rare statement in todays society, which lead in to the discussion of what effect does sexulisation have on young girls? Young people tend to look up to someone, weather it be a singer or actor etc, for young girls when they see sexulisation in music videos they have been shown to see that this is the perfect image, nothing else in glamertisted which blame goes to the media for this. The responsibility of a role model is to have a way of life, which can be emulated by others with young girls when they look up to role models when they starving themselves, sexually exploiting themselves on a music video etc should that be an inspiration and emulate on others?


So at this point I have gave a rather bad looking into sexulisation in music videos what about some for’s for this argument? So could sexulisation be seen as ‘liberating’, yes it can when you feel liberated you free and able to behave, as you like, this can be seen as a good thing as gives women in music videos to feel free which references back to women equality, it can be good business move as you will most likely sell more tracks with sexualisation in music videos, depending on the level of sexualisation the more in it, the more the track. Also the previews of the tracks, on youtube for thumbnails for music videos the most popular tracks are with naked women on, for example. On thing that tends to be forgotten about in mainstream news on sexualisation are men, men can also be sexualised. I don’t think its as popular as wide as women sexualisation but in some cases you will get sexualisation of men but I don’t think its a popular or talked about as much, what makes any different for men to be sexualised then compared to women sexualisation. I think women get more of a hard time for sexualisation compared to men. Some women singers who start young are bought into sexualisation, an example of of this is the Artist ‘Miley Cyrus’, since she started she has radically changed her appearance from starting of as a child actor/ actress working for disney she has now changed her appearance and has radically been sexualised, an example of this is her music video for ‘wreaking ball’ where she is completely naked, covering up her main body parts which are deemed in-oppropate for day time TV but she has pushed the boundaries to the limit which brings me on to a very import problem faces with most sexualisation in music videos, where do you draw the line on pornography? I think so many music videos push the boundaries of nudity but I think the main use of this is to sell the record featured on the music video, that is the sole purpose in most cases with sexualisation, its very tricky to make a music video to stand out and I think sexualisation in music videos is the easiest to achieve to make something stick out, music videos have become ridiculously close to the line of pornography people have become less resisted to controversial sexualisation in music videos, ten, twenty years ago if people viewed a music video of today, for example miley cyrus’s ‘wreaking ball’ where she is basically naked on a swinging on a wreaking ball it would never have reached the light of day. In Conclusion I think Music Artist have lost there sole purpose or direction of talent in the music industries, they pump out so much garbage of music they rely on the music video to make the track a hit and the most used tool is sexualisation of women, men sexualisation is not that much talked about I think are seen as beauty, sexualisation of women in music videos make them very downgrading just to sell a record its quite sad that this is the direction music videos are going into imagine in another ten years, what will be accepted as appropriate then?

Unit 6: Critical Approaches to Creative Media Products – Advertising & Modes of Address

Task 1: In this task I have chosen a Advert and analyze the advert by going through key factors such as the Target audience, denotative & connotative meanings, the mood, tools and techniques etc. I have chosen a 2014 McVities Jaffa Cake TV

Screen Shot 2014-06-02 at 15.42.14


The Target Audience I feel is Children as The Text Bright Orange which invokes warmth and happiness, The images of the bush baby prevails cuteness of Animals, although I say the Target Audience is mainly children I think covers many different demographics, depending personality also as the main grab of this advert is the cuteness of the bush baby I think the cuteness of animals pulls anyone heart strings its quite a broad subject, I think since the popularity of cute animals on YouTube I think is the main inspiration for this advert, The music is very 80’s, funky music which I think enhances the cuteness of the bush baby so as I think the main attention would be children as most children’s T.V our friendly, cute characters I also think this Advert does reach a much broader audiences, teenagers, women, male etc.


Den-annotative Meaning (The surface meaning, what we actually see) is when the man opens the Jaffa cake packet a cute bush baby comes out of the packet, the bush baby jumps into his hand, they stair into each overs eyes getting more extreme closes up each time they cut back to the man and bush baby getting more and more excited then it cuts back, the bush baby has gone and now is a Jaffa Cake and eats the product, The Connotative meaning is that the Jaffa cake product is eaten, it gives a taste and thoughts of the sweetest, happiest and exciting thoughts whilst the product is being consumed. The Mood that is being created is a very overjoyed, ecstatic & lively mood, the lifestyle is a very average, not glamorized its represented as a common teenagers bedroom. There are various different tools and techniques used to persuade the audience, this advert is part of a series of cute animal Jaffa Cake adverts which use repetition of the cute animals subject to get into the soft spots of there target audience to lure them into the interest of the product, the bush baby they have used is very eye twisting which I think will in the minds of the people watching. The have incorporated a major part of advertising which is social media. On Jaffa Cake’s website you can share and experience various different games, funny tools and send stuff to your friends related to the Mcvities Jaffa cake brand. Overall I think they have used a popular template of the cute animal viral phase to promote and persuade their Target Audience in a unique style and humorous way.


Task 2: The Modes of Address is how any media product converses with their Audience, involving them into the media product. In this task I shall be overlooking the five different Narratives and how that can define the products Mode of Address, After that I shall comparing two film poster from two completely different film genres which discusses the five of the six main Modes of Address which are The Content, Language, Genre, Imagery and Style.  A Narrative is a way in which the content of the media product is put into order, it assists the audience to know what there are looking out for or listening to, there are five types of Narrative, Open, Closed, Multi Strand, Alternative & Investigative, each one I shall be delving into how each one can vary a products mode of address.


Starting with an Open Narrative, this is were matters in the narrative are unresolved and the ending being uncertain, this mainly occurs in TV series leaving each episode on a Cliffhanger where people know there will be a follow up, this can sometime occur in Movies (a trilogy of films, for example). This type defines the Mode of Address by letting the audience ponder on what could be the next move of the Narrative, it lets the audiences to be able to interact more, making the audience want more, wanting to know what happens next. If there is no resolution (e.g closed narrative) I think this doesn’t communicate with an audience well, which brings me onto the next Narrative, Closed Narrative. This is the opposite of the open narrative where in turn the structure of the narrative will wrap everything up, leaving nothing to the audience to wonder what happens next, an example of this would be a news story of a crime, where the audience get all the answers to the crime, giving the story closure on the trial, sentence etc. This defines the mode of address by giving the audiences the satisfaction of getting a complete narrative, given an ending, the audience will have a check list of plot lines which are wanting to be resolved. I think defines the audience also by giving them the satisfaction of consuming the product, the get a reward of getting the satisfied ending to the narrative, which they are pleased with. Moving onto the next Narrative, which is Multi Strand Narrative. This is where there is a more conventional beginning, middle and end story, where the multiple story’s running along side each over and are also continues giving no real end in sites, this Narrative structure is most poplar and used in soap operas I think this defines the modes of address with the audience by giving them a constant story that will be continues and look like it will never end which I think can be tire sum and repetitive if the narrative goes on for to long but there again it can take the audience into different directions which can excite the audience. An Alternative Narrative keeps the audience on its hills and can tend to confuse the audience of the narrative, an example of this could be if in the narrative there is a sudden jump through time  without any clear reason, this can define the modes of address by in one way making the audience clueless of the narrative and losing interest but could also do the opposite in which the audience can have a load of theory’s for the narrative and excite them by not know or guessing the plot. The Final Narrative is Investigative Narrative, this is where you don’t have to tend to join the narrative at the start nor leave at the end of the narrative in which you can pick and chose where you want to pick up or leave the narrative. This can type of Narrative can be found on DVD’s, Websites, Dictionary etc. This is defines the mode of address by giving the audience the opportunity to pick out the highlights of a narrative and gives them the freedom of what they can explore in there own way.


So after covering all the main Narratives and defining the mode of address I’m now going to be using all the different Modes of Address to analyses two movie posters from different genres of film. The two film poster I have chosen is 2012’s Action, sci fi, Fantasy film ‘The Avengers’ and secondly 1999 American Drama ‘The Green Mile’. With both these Film posters I will be identifying & analyzing the modes of address of each poster so starting of with ‘The Avengers’


So starting of with the content of the poster, you can clearly see what the poster is adverting with the typical conventions, it has pictures of the lead actors in the center of the poster, at the top it list the names of the actors, you have films logo being the main at the top which stands out very clearly from the background images. This poster is very eye catchy as you have various different characters striking different poses with a vast amount of colors with explosions and little details in the background this poster is eye candy, above is the institutional logo of the film which is the MARVEL brand, so people can if they haven’t yet what type of film this is going to be. So this poster has all the typical convention types of any poster with colorful, thrilling images. There is various language used, some poster do have tag lines but this poster gives you the basic info you need to know e.g. name of the film, actors names and release date. There is no actor’s names stand out they all have the same sized font, at the bottom there is the standard information, which features the star and billing blocks, different associated institution logos (paramount in this case.) The color for all the text is a silvery white, the main The Avengers logo has its own design which is very stylish, it also has a warn marked texture look, at the very bottom it states it also available in 3D format. So the language covers the vast typical language conventions, the main title is the biggest and most standing out text as I think the intention is so people get to put a name to the film, as it’s a very catchy memorable title. By looking at the film poster alone you can tell what type of genres and themes, you can tell there’s some action in there with all the poses being made, the background has destroyed buildings, explosions, the ground has a lot of rubble there’s also a flipped over car, so you can see there going to be a lot of action in the film. You can also get from the poster that there is going to be fantasy elements in the films by looking at some of the characters such as the hulk, how is a ginormous green rage monster, Thor who is the god of thunder hand has a hammer, Tony Stark who had a armored suit etc. The film does have sci fi elements in the film which is not emphasized on the poster, the poster job is to make these characters and film look epic and call and I think they but some aliens in there it would ruin the effect so I can understand why the sci fi genre element isn’t pushed forward on the poster. The mood created by the poster is a serious, exciting feel which is also portrayed in the film, they have tried to fit these characters based from comic books in to the real world placing them in to modern day setting, I think the meaning of the poster is that even when everything seems to be lost, there’s always hope in a savior. The overall style of the poster is to suit everyone taste, superhero films are based at fans of the comic, children and nerds but this poster make these characters look like they have had a epic makeover which broadens the target audience. So onto my next film poster analyses, The Green Mile Film Poster.



So the poster content is very vast, having typical conventions, it has an image of the star role with also his above the lead image in big font. There is also a tag line about the main character of the film, there is not much else about the plot of the film, the poster could suggest that we are getting the story from the main characters point of view. The poster is very simplistic, the most eye catching is the title logo which has the two main characters of the film in the logo going into the light which again profiles the miracles and hope aspect of the films, over conventions include the star an billing block which is standard on the majority of films, it shows websites you can visit to check out more information of the film, this film was released in 1999 so for its time websites and the internet was starting to come in its own leading into the new millennium, it also shows over related associations which is where the films get there budget in this case the associations are Castle Rock and Warner Bros. The Language of this film poster is more of the main focus then the imagery. The tagline ‘Paul Edgecomb didn’t believe in miracles until the day he met one’ tastes what the film is about which miracles can happen in the most unforeseeable circumstances. Under the logo it states this film has the same director from ‘The Shawkshank Redemption’ this guides the audience the style of the film as for audience who liked that film will have the same direction as the film credited. From the poster you can’t full get a grasp of what the types of genre this film can fit into. You could say it has fantasy elements as the miracle elements. The imagery as I said prior is very simplistic but it gives an effect, this poster looks like the images have been painted instead of computerised like most film posters now a days using Photoshop. It only shows mainly one of the main cast and you get a glimpse of another but he’s not the main focus of the poster, I think because Tom Hanks by that point in his career is highly known by this point he is a main marketing point for the film. The lead image is Tom Hanks close up looking slightly up and off centre, the background looks very warn, old and grainy which represents the grittiness of the film but also there are shadows of the bars which supports the title of green mile which is set in death row prison. The other image, which is incorporated into the logo of the film, portrays hope with silhouettes of shadows of the two main characters. This represents the characters realising the moral of the story. The overall style of poster mainly shows the grittiness of life but offers glimpses of hope and miracles. I think the audience that is aimed as is for adults as it’s an 18 then can go in any direction of the film they want to without any restrictions. So even though the images are minimum they send across hidden yet also clear message of the what the film has to other and moral and meaning of film.

Task 3: There are many adverts everywhere in many different forms online, posters and T.V. The company ASA is a self-independent and self-regulated company based in the United Kingdom who isn’t funded by the government. Their job is to regulate the content of advertisements on the sales and direct marketing by mentoring and investigating if need be various complaints made about different factors of an advert and its up to them to decide weather it computes with there advertising standard codes, these codes require that all claims to advertisers have evidence for all claims. They state that no marketing communication to the audience should be misleading, in accurate, exaggerated etc. So the ASA they claims very seriously depending on the number of complaints and the quality of evidence like a trial they will gather any evidence they can do bring justice to advertisements that don’t comply to their codes. So after understanding what the ASA are and what they do I now have the challenge to create my own advertising campaign that covers all the right procedures and yet be an effective advertisement. The product I have chosen to advertise is ‘The Doggie Snuggle’



My Target Audience would be a Dog owner who wants to give there dogs an alternative warmth source for the winter whilst being fashionable. I think the main appeal for this product is the various styles & colours, also beginning price of 4.99 (varying on size) compared to the ridiculous prices you can pay you get a good bargain for your buck. The mediums I would use to sell my product is a TV advert, social media to share your design, I would also use a site where you can insert a photo of your dog and try out the different designs before purchasing. The dog will be representative of the adverts and also the owners will be represented too, The denotative meaning would be get your dog fashionable and warm all year round, the connotative meaning would be that owners don’t need to spend ridicules amounts on kitting there dogs out with still keeping the fashionable designs. The tag line I would use is ‘Give your Dog the pleasure of warmth and fashion all year round’. I think I have used Stereotypes of Dog owners who pamper there Dog but I think this is vital because people see dogs as their best friends and I think this advert would prompt owners to give a little something to their best friends.

‘For a Few Dollors More’ Swede with IMPROVED SOUND

After anaylising and getting to how to use the Sound Recording Software we were given the challenge of recreating the sound from our swedes ‘For a few dollars more’. All the sound was replaced even the only line, we also added sound effects (e.g wind, rattling of the watchs chain, footsteps etc] I personal thoughts our I feel this makes the swede sound, look and feel better. Compared to the original scene from the film I feel we added sounds which wernt in the film scene but in ours it really helps the scene feel better.

Fill free to check out the improved video below:

Sound Recording Tutorial

After looking through and understanding what sound types there are, we were given are first look at a Sound Pack, we had to work out how it works and how to record, after all that brain ache we created a tutorial on how to work the sounds packs, we also had to put what we learnt to pracitse by recording our voices for the tutorial so we got a lot of practice out of this task and we can always comeback to this if we get stuck on understanding the software and kit, check the tutorial in the link below:

Sound Analysis

In this blog I shall be analysing the audio components of the original film from our swedes we made a couple weeks back. The original scene from our swede was ‘For a Few Dollars More’ that I shall be analysing can be seen in the player below:

The Sound Components I shall be looking out for our:

  • Dialogue – Speech between two or more Characters
  • Ambient Sound – The background sounds which are present in a scene or location, e.g, wind, water, birds, crowds etc
  • Music – Orchestral Music to Accompany the scene
  • Sound Effects – Noises or Incidental sounds that are add to the believable of an action or a scene
  • Foley – reproductions of every day sounds effects which are added in post

The Dialogue in this scene is very little as there is only one line of dialogue in this scene which the character … says to the corneal ‘when the chims ends pick up your gun, try and shoot me coronal, just try’. The scene visual is all about tension so the little dialogue suggests a feud, with the silence there no suggestion what could happen either one could pull the trigger, it’s anyone’s guess what could happen between the characters.

There is no Ambient sound in the scene. Not even the slightest of wind, I think the intension to not include any ambience is to suggest it’s just two/ three characters in the middle of nowhere, there some little buildings in the background but looks deserted, with no ambiance it highlight the characters are in a place which is in the middle of nowhere and deserted.

The Music in this scene is one of the most memorable pieces of music from film in the 20th century. The Music starts when the fob watch is opened. It builds up and up, the tempo gets faster and faster as the tension and stakes get higher. This doesn’t show the full version of the music but if gives a great example of how music is so important sounds wise and visually. The scene is visually impacting to the audience but the music carry the scenes tension through, it’s very memorable & you will be humming it for days after.

There are a couple Sounds Effects added which make the scene more believable. Every time the fob watch is opened there is sound effect which is used, I think this was put in post-production because it was very fine and crisp sound. This sound effect also indicates the starts of the orchestral music. When the corneal takes out the fob watch and chain is flipped this also a sound effect heard. Those are the only sounds effects used in the scene, if you continue watching the film from where the scenes ends there are plenty of gun sound and shooting sound effects added.

There are little Foley sounds in this scene. There is some footstep sounds which I fill is an everyday sound recreated in post-production [Foley]. I feel that the sound is to clearly herd to be picked by the cameras they had back in the day. Another Foley sound could be the Spurs. They may have been herd but I think the Foley enhances the sound in post-production. Apart from the chains rattling which is classed as a sound effect there isn’t that much Foley sound to be heard.

Overall analysis, the most important sound component in this scene is the Music. This is key to building and creating tension between the two characters facial expressions. Although the Dialogue is featured once it’s very well done as its clear and crisply heard. There are a few Sound effects but the others Ambient sound & Foley there is hardly anything. The scene is more visual interesting as the two/ three characters face off the tension slowly builds up and up but without the Music it would be disinteresting so I fill the Sounds plays a big part in one way, the other sounds components enhance and accompany the scene.


‘Would I lie to you’ Passport Multi Camera Production and Analysis

We have been analysing different Multi Camera Productions over the past weeks which we looked at how they were run, We did a couple test prior to this and then we got told and told to recreate or create one of our own to test what we learnt. Our overall Group [Group B of the Creative Media Course] were split into to two different groups to create two Multi Camera Productions. The Other Group recreated a few rounds from the hit quiz show ‘Nevermind the Buzzcocks’. Our group decided to do ‘Would I lie to you’. The end products can be seen below: – This is the raw live edit – This is a different edit created by other people our group Thomas Vaux and Henry Sprague. – Here is the over groups recreation of ‘Nevermind the Buzzcocks’ which some people from my group stared in.

So I shall be looking at the Positive and Negative points of my groups production and how we could improve for next time, I shall be also comparing the differences between mine and our groups production and the second group. So positives of our groups adaptation of ‘Would I lie to you’ were

The layout of the cameras and panel. We had only three cameras so we had to be wise on what we shot. I fill this and the layout of the panel was deemed successful and close to the would I lie to you Panel Layout as possible. The take was done in one like the real thing, there are some minor laughs and giggles and some of the transition shots don’t fade in smoothly and unnoticed, but apart from minor hiccups I fill for a first go it was average, but I fill there is plenty of room for improvements. The performances from the panellist were extremely good, the host Laurie took the lead and the rest of the cast read their lines well.

Now I shall be looking through the negatives and on how to improve them. I fell the script needed a lot of work, It was improved on the day but not to a satisfying taste. The script we used was the original, but after are group had a read through we decided to do a re-write. Unfortunately the script was not delivered on the day we were going to film so the we had to use the original. We had to make major adjustments but overall the script didn’t work, the cast didn’t feel comfortable with saying the lines and neither did we but it was the one we had to hand. This could have been improved by more organisation and preparation which I will take away for the next multi camera production I do. As I said prior some of the shots and transitions didn’t go as smoothly as I’d hoped. My role was visual mixer/ director. I feel I could make improvements for next time. We were low on Numbers so we had to do tried to make it look as if the shots faded instead of the simple cut which looks much better. This could have also been improved by more preparation and organisation.

Finally I shall be comparing the differences of both group’s multi camera productions. One major difference was with our group’s multi camera production of ‘Would I lie to you’. We tried to do it one take, with the others groups multi camera production of ‘Nevermind the Buzzcocks’ they took three takes, first was the intro, second was the first round, the third being the second round and ending. I feel there’s worked better as the host Jamie was superbly funny as the host. There script was the same as one of the ‘Nevermind the Buzzcocks’ episodes were with ours was newly written. Overall I felt both groups had minor technical difficulties but I fill both groups worked hard to produce the finished product for our first attempt at multi camera productions. What I will personally taking away from this based on my personal experience is to be more prepared & more organisations. The links of the videos of both groups can been seen near the top of this blog, fill free to make your own judgement on both productions.

Multi Camera Techniques

Multi Camera Setup is a method of filming T.V and Films which uses Multiple Cameras which used either film or video and recorded and broadcasted simultaneously each scene. Multi Camera is used in many different shows and genres such as Quiz  Sport, News Shows, mainly live productions but also used in other productions in the industry.

Benefits of the use of Multi Camera Techniques:

  • Reduses the amount of time editing compared to a single camera
  • High output shows such as soaps are very dependant on multi camera techniques
  • Quicker to shoot scenes as theres no need to re-light and set up for different angles from one camera  to be shot again and again from a different angle
  • Reduces the complexity of tracking continuity issues that come up when the scene is reshot from different angles
  • You wont miss a moment if you are recording live moments e.g Reality T.V

T.V Programs that use Multi Camera Techniques:

  • News [e.g BBC, ITV, Channel 4 & 5 News]
  • Quiz/ Panel Shows [e.g Mock the Week, QI, Would I lie to you]
  • Sport Shows [e.g Match of the Day]
  • Reality Shows [e.g Big Brother, Jeramy Kyle]

In the player below is a clip from the Popular Game Show ‘Mock the Week’

  • There are 6 Cameras in use, These can be seen below:

Screen shot 2013-09-25 at 11.46.34 – Screen shot 2013-09-25 at 11.45.36 Screen shot 2013-09-25 at 11.45.50 Screen shot 2013-09-25 at 11.46.13 Screen shot 2013-09-25 at 11.47.08 Screen shot 2013-09-25 at 11.47.46 Screen shot 2013-09-25 at 11.48.01

I have recreated the floor plan to show the layout of the panel and the camera position:


(C = Camera )

C1 – Photos 1 & 2 [Wide shot and Mid Shot]

C2 – Photo 7 [Team B]

C3 – Photo 5 [Team A]

C4 [Lifted over C1] – Photo 3 [Close Mid Shot, Shoulders Upwards]

C5 – Photo 4 [Wide shot from the left hand side celing at a angle]

C6 – Photo 6 [Host]

Overall I fill this a very well prepared and organised to run the show in a effective format. I fill reflecting on this will help me to try and work our own Multi Camera Production of ‘Would I lie to you’?



‘For a Few Dollars More’ Swede and Analysis

Over the past two weeks we have been learning about different camera shots etc. To put are knowledge and practical skills to the test we got given a choice of scenes to recreate [a swede] Are group decided to choose the scene ‘For a Few Dollars More’ [Are Version can be seen below]. In this blog I shall be reflecting on the video me and my group have made and looking through the good & bad points of video, production etc and what could we do to improve it next time.

First of all I shall be looking at the positive things from the swede:

  • First of all I feel the acting was pretty decent [amateurs] and we also took it seriously, even though one line was in the scene the facial expression were brilliant
  • The Tension created by the facial expression and different camera shots to emphasize the tension I was personally pleased with. In one of the shots we managed to get a Light ray on to Todds [the person in wig] face on camera. This was due the Camera having a scratch on the lens [no fault of our own] but it gave an effective effect.
  • We managed to get as close to the original scene as possible. The location I felt was best we could have in the circumstances we couldn’t leave the premises we found a fairly accurate location which gave the effect that we were in our own little world and the outside [past the trees] was another.
  • Apart from one small error were it cuts black for a mini second I fill the editing process and the finished product came on to the small screen succesful and smooth and fast paced edit for our first attempt to make a short scene on the media course

So although there are I fill some good things to take away there are some negative points to look at and more importantly how to improve these for next time:

  • We had to film over two sessions. Once on the Monday and Secondly on the Wednesday. We got given the assignment on the Monday to complete by the Friday. Are group made the decision to film in our spare time between lessons on the Monday. We uploaded what we had captured onto Adobe Premiere Pro, looking at the clips first of all there wasnt enough and secondly they weren’t as close to the original as we’d hoped so as a group we decided to plan more through Tuesday and re-film on the Wednesday as me and the rest of the group felt most of the shot weren’t what we wanted. If I was to re-film I feel we should have planned a bit more instead of trying to get it done as soon as possible, but I am pleased we re-filmed it because I don’t think we would have had that a good finished swede.
  • With the Editing I felt it turned out ok in the end result there is one black out in the finished video were there was a minute gap from the transition between one clip and the other [for a mini second]. This was my first time at editing properly on Adobe Premiere Pro. I feel I can improve on this by using it more with over films I make on Premiere Pro.

So overall I fill there were a couple errors but I fill there were more good points then bad and even with the negative points I know how to improve these points for next time but I fill very pleased with what me and other members of the group made in our swede from the famous dual scene ‘A Few Dollars More’. Thanks for Reading.

  • You can watch what we made in the Player at the top of the article.
  • Please fill free to give constructive feedback on anything you think I have missed.